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Default Re: A Colorado Rocky Mountain Hi

I contacted Mike last year via email regarding his Jet kit. His reply was that the jets were all larger in size and not smaller which doesn't help us folks in Colorado. There are two options for Coloradoans: Solder and redrill a smaller jet hole or use a fuel mixture that will run at the richer mixtures with the stock jet.

Several high altitude options:
1. Run a blend of E85 and regular gasoline. Straight E85 requires a 40% richer mixture. Straight E85 doesn't work at my altitude (too lean) but a 65% gasoline and 35% E85 blend seemed to work perfect at 7000 feet.

2. Experiment with methanol/nitromethane-available in model airplane fuel-in very small amounts. Nitromethane is like a liquid turbocharger additive. A VERY SMALL amount per/gallon is needed to fix the problem but too much will cause a lean run that can be damaging.
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