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Default Re: How should I make a bike repair stand?

You can make a quick and cheap stand out of 3/4" threaded galvanized pipe and fittings from your local hardware store. It'll hold any motorized bike a foot off the floor to work on it. Or higher if you want. Two 24" pipes threaded into 3/4" double 90 deg. corner piece for the foot stand. This leaves a threaded hole pointing up. Thread in a 36" pipe pointing up and cap it with a 90 deg. elbow. Thread a 12" pipe into the elbow pointing forward ( over the 24" legs). At the end use a 3/4" to 1" T fitting with the two 1" ends at horizontal. Now hack saw the top front 1/3 of the 1" tube away enough to lay in some thin, flat ,rubber and then the top bar of your frame. If the top bar is angled, just rotate the T fitting to match. You can use a standard spring clamp to hold the frame down but it usually will stay from the weight. The weight of the bike keeps the stand from tipping over backwards. You can put a couple of 3/4 threaded caps on the ends of the 24" legs to protect the threads. Any of the dimensions can be changed to your liking to raise or lower the work height. Iv'e also seen the 90 deg. elbow replaced with a T fitting so you can thread in a pipe pointing out backwards with a floor flange threaded on and you can screw it to the garage wall.

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