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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by Skarrd View Post
did some work on the 24" bicycle.

swapped the 6 speed cluster for my 7 speed mega drive (one with 34t 1st gear)
did some mesuring as well and found i'll need to get a z offset intake for the carb to clear the frame. Will need to hammer a bit at the down tube since it's too big for the motor mount to fit over.
Skarrd, If ya haven't beat up yer tube yet, STOP NOW. They make any size u-bolt you could think of that will fit around your down tube. After that it's only a plate with four holes in it. (2 for the motor, 2 for the u-bolt.) If you can't buy the right size it's real easy to just make your own mount with stuff from yer local hardware store and a drill. I've seen some folks try to beat a frame into submission like that and it looks like crap and could weaken the frame. It's your bike, build it your way. But I don't recommend beating up your frame to do it.
AND Dan, How many people do you think got the Arlo "Group W bench" reference?

Heres a link for a double U-bolt setup. A single U-bolt will work too.

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