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Default Custom chopper build

I had an old Powerlite P28 frame laying around and figured I could do something cool with it. After reading a couple DIY articles and looking and many pictures of them. I took some measurements and drew a few diagrams to get an idea of the completed bike.
I started with the forks. I cut stock forks and welded on some much longer legs and made a plate to go over the top of the new triple tree forks.
Next I took the frame and cut the rear section off and the head tube. I then got the correct angle for the forks to get the proper trail dimension and cut some tubing to fill in for the shorter stock ones. Most of the tubing was slightly bigger and sleeved over the stock frame.
I had everything tacked in place and checked that it was straight, then proceeded to weld it all up. I threw a quick coat of black spray paint to prevent rust until I can finish the build. I still want to grind down the welds to make them smooth and seemless.
I also will be making custom motor mounts when I buy a engine kit for it. I still need to get some parts to make it rideable; headset, seat, sprocket, chain, cranks, etc.
Note: in the pictures, the headset is not installed yet. I will be making some new handlebars for it, these were just to get an idea of how everything fit. I plan on running a 24" or 26" wheel up front. I would also like to spread the rear to fit a nice wide tire, I'm thinking a 20"x3" or even a 20"x4" I saw recently. For now I will probably just run a regular 20"x2" to get it going.
This is still a work in progress, any constructive critism is appreciated.

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