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Default Re: Need advice on Oil mixture

You're going to have folks tell you not to use synthetic oil for break-in. This is an old argument that has been discussed here and other places for years. I've never actually run a true synthetic but I'm one of those odd-balls who uses a brand of oil called Opti-2 @ 100:1. It is a semi-synthetic and I've broken in quite a few engines on it.

We always recommend to follow the oil maufactuers directions and to totally disregard the instructins that tell you to run 16:1. That has been determined to be too much oil and can cause spark plug fouling and exhaust/muffler problems. An initial mix or 24:1 for the first few tanks of fuel, or a couple of gallons, then move to a 32:1 mix. This will apply for standard 2 stroke oil. Stay away from outboard motor oil. It is formulated for water cooled engines and might not be able to take the heat generated by an air cooled engine.

Hope this helps.

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