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Default my first bike ride

not a great story teller but here goes:

So, i ordered my flying horse kit in september from bike berry after waffling for weeks.
I had some of it put together but i couldnt finish it, no motivation. So i called up a buddy and he rode over on his bike: the GT aggressor(red).

I needed some energy and some gasoline, so we drove to a gas station to get a gas tank. They managed to not have one, so we went to the family dollar to get a gas tank... nope. so finally we went to the local ace hardware store and got a 1gallon 8oz tank. Perfecto!

So at this point the sun was setting so i decided i needed to hurry and complete the build. I had my friend take me to get gas at the BP station and i bought a NOS energy drink and a bob marley coffee drink. we returned to my house and i mixed my gas for the first time.

after fiddling with the chain a bit, and the tensioner i took it out for a spin. I strapped on some lights on the bike and put on my helmet. I tried and tried and couldnt get it to start after about 5 minutes. So i went back in my house to read up on how the carb works. I couldnt figure out how it was supposed to be adjusted, and i thought maybe ill move the needle once. so i pulled it apart and jammed teh throttle assembly back in. (big mistake i later found out) anyway, I let my friend (kevin) try and he managed to get it fired up. Unfortunately it was stuck wide open throttle. But no bother, it was running.

At one point i accidently let go of the clutch and the bike flew out of my hands and spun around on the ground. WOT problems!

after a couple of test runs around the block we ventured onto campus and did a parking lot obstacle course. this thing was fast, much faster than i could pedal on the GT even with its 1.5 slicks. it was stinky though. im pretty sure i was completely covered with exhaust fumes and gasoline. as we pulled up to the sanderson gym parking lot a cop pulled up and watched us for a while. All the while we were still running wide open throttle. we rode around till 4 in the morning all over campus.
the joy that thing brought led to two things: 1 I became addicted, Ive been all about motorbicycling ever since. 2 my friend bought a honda rebel, he's been all about motorcycling. I think this hobby has made a huge impact on my live. there is so much to explore on the motor bike, and my range lets me get further than any bicycle would ever allow.
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