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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by jimmymc2286 View Post
Took my sidecar rig for its first test run today. Stopped at a country store to get some gas. The lady asked how much gas I wanted, when I told her 2 dollars, She looked out the window to see what I was driving. Then she asked if I was driving the old bicycle with the sidecar and everone in there had to go look at it. What a rush.
LOL Jimmy. Really is fun to see people's reactions.

First time up my way that gas hit $4 a gallon, I liked to ride up to the pump, preferably opposite a SUV or any large vehicle and loudly complain that I had "put a dollar in just last week"

Then buzz by the folks waiting for the bus outside the DMV. (The group "W" bench for folks who could not get their licence back)

worst apocalypse ever
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