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Default Re: What got you into all this trouble?

good thing when you say "trouble" ur not talking about a criminal record, because that would just be too long of a story... hahahaha. well it all started when i was about 8

im walking down the street and i see an older lady a little more on the heavy side riding a trike with a weed eater motor. from that day forward i've always wanted to put a motor onto anything it didnt belong on. my parents could never really afford it so i never got around to motorizing anything.

when i turned about 15 me and my best friend were always needing transportation, at the time he just turned 17 and didnt want to wait another year to take the test to become mobilized. his dad had an old 204cc briggs and stratton, we had an occ chopper. we were gonna motorize it. we put a lot of time planning this project, but when we start doing the math it was just too expensive so we gave up. about a month later i found the china kits on but once again, couldnt afford it.

2 years later and now im getting ready to take my permit test to get mobolized and i get my license suspended for a year. i was crushed but i remembered the china kits i found online and there was hope once again. lucky for me, i brought up my project plans around the right time of the year to my parents (tax return time!$$$)

so summer came around and i bought my kit and ever since then i've been hooked on these bike like a tweaker hook on drugs. my friends litterally call me a tweaker because im always in my garage tinkering with my bike. for me atleast, i dont think a bike build is ever comeplete because theres always something that your going to think of too make it better.

btw this bike has actually kept me out of trouble! my probation officer tryed to hassle me at first about it being street legal and what not but when i explained everything to her she really liked the idea that i outsmarted her got mobolized! (she's the one that recomended a suspended license) btw guy if your wondering how i am now, im still only 17 and ride my bike just like i stole it!

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