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Default Re: Painting my bike

It's been too cold after work to paint the last few days (low to mid 40's), so I haven't gotten much done.

I did pick up some clear the other day though. I decided on a lacquer. Should hopefully be more durable than your standard clear spray paint.

Last night I went ahead and masked out the graphics for the tank. I did one side one way, and did the other side another way. I liked #2 better, so I redid the first side. That was a lot of masking and cutting. Unfortunately I was a little too heavy-handed with the razor blade, so it kinda dug into the paint a bit. Hopefully it won't look too bad. I can tell I'm going to need to pin-stripe the outline though to cut down on jagged edges and such...too bad I suck with a paint brush.

I'm working a short day today, so I should hopefully be able to paint this afternoon.

I also broke down and bought the crank puller tool. $20 for 2 min of work...sheesh. Also got some lube for all the bike's bearings.

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