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Originally Posted by Donavan321 View Post
What really gets me mad is when some inexperienced punk kid buys a kit, installs it (usually totally wrong!) and then rides it and seizes the motor or does a burnout or tries giving it gas without using the clucth properly and then goes around and says dont buy the 2 stroke kits don't buy the 2 stroke kits they suck they're terrible blah blah....dude you're the one that ****ed it up! That just really gets me mad.
I know what you mean. When I first wanted to buy a kit, I asked some people on another form, and someone tried to discourage me by saying that the "motor will last maybe a week before siezing and the rattling will make the motor fall right off on your first ride". Even after experiencing the faults of the chinese mounting hardware, I think this guy either got a crappy engine or had no idea what he was doing. I abused the **** out of my first motor and it never came close to siezing or smoking. Since then I've pretty much learned that it's best to do your own quality control before installing a motor and replace all the mounting hardware. That seems to be key to not having problems directly caused by the motor.

I don't think people should buy kits just because you can buy better versions of nearly every perhipheral part and it would save money in the long-run.

This reminds me of another forum member here who built his nephew(I think) a real bada$$ motorized bicycle, and his newphew pretty much just poored gas in the tank with no oil and blew it up immediately. It was pretty sad. Damn kids should listen to their elders.
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