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Default Re: I scored this at a yard sale

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
That was the very first bike I motorized, Maniac!

The chain stays are round and I didn't account well enough for it and put the tensioner in to the spokes. It being a special rear wheel, and I didn't think/know it could just be relaced, ended up using a more conventual bike.

LOL, I made it from the end of the driveway to almost the end of the yard. Weird 2 minutes. "Will it start or not" Both made me a tad worried. Then She fired up and was ecstatic for almost 3 and a half seconds.

But was told there is a warehouse in NY State full of them. Parts and bikes.

Post lots of pics!
I'm torn now between selling it to some hipster for 5 times the money, or keeping it to build a frankenjackshaft shifter bike...
Cool vs. 80$ profit....
Seriously, I listed it on CL at 150$ and have already had a few nibbles so it looks like my greed will overcome my interest.
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