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Default Re: Things that people say and do that bug the **** out of me

Originally Posted by jji7skyline View Post
Most kits are the same (similar), except very rare cases. For example Rocksolidengines in australia who rebuild their engines and replace with quality bolts and stuff before selling them. I don't know of any vendor in USA that does this. Other than these kits, and the branded kits which concentrate more on performance than quality, most engines are same (similar).

I used to stall my bike to stop it, but instead of jerking my bike to a stop, I disengaged the clutch, came to a rolling stop, then engaged it. That was before I worked out my kill switch. I believe the stalling way is better for the engine because the kill switch pretty much short circuits everything to stop the engine, plus it tends to flood the engine.
Not really, I've never flooded an engine that way but that's odd..... All the kill switch does is cut the spark, I think if you had choked the engine while it was warm, then it may have flooded out. I've never heard of that happening before.
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