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Default Re: Things that people say and do that bug the **** out of me

Even if he's lying about the motor being made in the U.S, it's still on the UPPER end of motors. None of the motors I've had have ever been the same. Not all of them turn out to be the same, the worst motor kit that was complete worthless junk was bought off of kings motorbikes. BUT that could just be, the guy who previously owned the kit wasn't mixing his fuel right and had the carburetor tuned wrong(CNS). I have bought several motors/kits. Some are built more durable then others. They're not all 100% exactly the same. They may look the same but some work more well than others. I've even gotten some 66cc motors that have less power than 48cc motors. Even with upgrade parts, the stock 48 was faster than some of them. I also believed that the made in U.S was too good to be true as well, the only reason I said that at all was because the "claimed to be made in U.S) motors outlived their other motor friends. Each one is different call me a liar, say I'm lying but out of every bicycle I have built no two have been exactly the same, some are faster, some last longer, some have less power, just the way it is.
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