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Default Things that people say and do that bug the **** out of me

1. Name of the motor doesn't matter they're all the same Chinese motor. My response, no they're NOT at all. Some motors are rebuilt by sellers in the U.S, As a builder of several bikes even with the SAME kit, no two motors are alike. Run different, sound different, look the same. Some are even built better than others. 2. People making YouTube videos of motorized bicycles and doing tire burnouts, explaining the bike like they know everything about them and that they're junk. Well hello? You don't maintain it properly it's operator error. I've built many bikes over the last 3 years and wrecked only ONE motor that whole time...because I got it from a guy who had it before me who didn't take very good care of it all.Yes they're made in china but that doesn't mean they're all the SAME. By the way, this is just my viewpoint on this stuff I 'd like to hear other people's opinions as well. 3. People not disengaging the clutch and jerking the bike to a stop. Because of this reason i don't allow anyone to ride my bikes unless they have ridden they're own or have experience driving stick, or dirt bikes with manual clutches. I made a comment on YouTube to somebody and I wasn't trying to start a fight but I'm super scared he'll come back yelling at me calling me stupid even though he's the one saying they're all the same and doing a tire burnout one thinking it's funny. Nothing you can do though right? Any one agree or have anything to add? I really feel like in today's society, people don't take care of these, blow their motor from operator error and then blame the manufacturers coloring the motors as junk. that just pushes me beyond my limit! Drop a line guys, thanks! Feel free to add anything!
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