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Default Re: dumbfounded newbie here in KS

Originally Posted by wichita jim View Post
Tom That is encouraging to hear about your good experience on all of your Schwinns.
My Schwinn has coaster brake and it didn't work good at all at first but I guess it needed broken in.
Tom's comment is not about a Schwinn bike, it is about their electronic speedometers ;-}

Personally I like analog speedometers like this.

~$25 at a bike store.

They are not as accurate as a dialed in digital they are a heck of a lot easier to read at a glance especially in bright sunlight.

Jim... an NGK BPR7HIX Iridium spark plug will give you way more of a performance boost than a copper plug wire, that is low on my list actually.
#1 is replacing the crap motor magneto to cdi wire with double insulated 16g and every 2-stroke I build gets that.
#2 is the Iridium plug which half the time I include free anyway, on all 2-stroke shifters anyway.
Do those first two and the plug wire is far less of a factor, kind of like using a thinner head gasket for a bit more compression or some other motor mod which wouldn't work as well without those 2 steps first anyway.

And YES! Put a front brake on! Riding any kind of motorized bike with just a coaster brake is a cheap preventable accident just waiting to happen.
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