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Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
I got a couple from thatsdax, and a few from kingsmotors. They weren't "perfect", just properly prepped and broken in, then maintained.

I'll brag, I've never had a tensioner go into the spokes, never broke a chain, throttle, ect. No cdi going bad, carb issues (once set up).The worst was running out of gas once and having to re-tighten a few nuts and bolts.

Guess I'm "lucky".
If this thread was about how successful you are with your builds and how proper break-in and maintenance can keep your motor running strong I would be right there with you. But this thread was started by a newbie asking if one kit was better than the other and why. Others have explained that the kits are all made and assembled in China and they are all pretty much about the same. I simply pointed out they may be similar, but not the SAME when it comes to buying parts. Now I understand you are proud of your builds and ability to fabricate and "be creative with repairs", and apparently have never broke a chain or needed a replacement part, but I assume you read the forum like I do and understand that newbies generally don't have the same experience. There's a learning curve with these kits and generally before a newbie figures it all out they go through some trials and tribulations and might even need a part or two along the way. If you're beyond that good for you, but my guess is a most newbies wont be, and eventually even you may need a part or two. If not, good for you, but it's laughable to assert these kits are somehow solid as a rock and finding replacement parts is a non-issue...
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