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Very nice! I've had mixed results while riding around. Most cops don't really care, and the ones that do say that no matter what the engine size, top speed, or if it has peddles or not, it is required to be licensed as a motorcycle. It's also the same if you're riding it at 10mph down the sidewalk. They'll get you for anything if they feel like it. Then if someone hits you because they never saw you, it's your fault no matter what. I was recently hit by someone and even after hearing my side of the story, comparing it to his, and realizing they were identical, I still have to pay over $1200 to his insurance company because I was riding an unregistered motor vehicle. If police were called to the scene, which thankfully they weren't, my bike would've been impounded and I would be in jail. I don't know what they're like on your side of the state, but here in Palmetto, Fl, it sucks. I don't know what things are like on your side of the state, and no matter what the law says, it really depends on the officer. About 90% of the time, they really don't care and won't look twice.
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