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Hey everyone-

Great forum with lots of knowledge, if I'd only had signed up sooner and asked a few questions seeing as I'm halfway done the project.. well, 3/4 of the way.. but oh well. I'm here now.

Like I said, there is awesome knowledge in here and I'm going to start a thread building my first bike. I hope others can learn like I did from where things went wrong and what I did to fix them. I'm sure there will be lots of people building the same model I got because it's wall-mart and it's under a hundred bucks. For a first time bike, it's a good one to learn how to build with.

The bike I'm building is a Huffy Nel-Lusso with a grubee 80cc, and when it's paint job get's a little roughed up I'll be giving it a custom paint job as well since airbrushing is one of my trades as well as tattooing.

I also live in Florida, one of the more controversial states on motorized bikes. So I will also be sharing any personal experiences with others if I should have problems with authorities. From gathered information I've gotten so far from riders, a cop, a few store owners, and records, there are some cops that will have nothing better to do and try to bag you because the law is written so vague. But they always end up thrown out in court by the judge. So hopefully they will be fixing the law down here soon. I'll be riding mostly in the Jensen Beach area.
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