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Default Re: Which kit?

I don't know if anyone else has mentioned this yet, but one advantage of having a "name brand" kit like Grubee or Flying Horse is you KNOW what you got. Unfortunately, as similar as all these motors are from the various vendors, they can be a little different. The size and spacing of the head studs can be different, the hight of the pin in the piston can be different, etc etc. This means not all replacement parts fit on all motors. If you have a name brand motor vendors will be able to sell you the right parts, and chances are when you get them they will fit. If you buy some random brand kit and the vendor doesn't have a full range of parts available, or is no longer selling parts and kits when you need them, then you have to roll the dice and order parts and hope they will fit when you get them. I've seen some threads from frustrated fellows that order stuff that doesn't end up fitting, since shipping is a big part of the cost when buying parts this can be a real bummer....
Good luck whatever you decide to buy....
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