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Default Re: Which kit?

Bikeguy is right! I'd say most of the kits are made the same way, sellers are just in competition with each other. The kits could look different but end up being the same cheap ass engine. It's all about experiencing it for yourself. I'd say out of the eBay vendors I've used Rose326a is the best! The kits are of fair quality. Give stuff a try, learn as you go along. That's what I did (: Grubee is just a name in my opinion, it's no different. Most motor kits are made in china but some manufacturers will tear the engines apart and rebuild them with american grade parts such as bearings. Bike berry kits have Japanese ball bearings for example. And Dax sells U.S made kits. Which is why there a little more expensive. You get what you pay for. Another factor of how long the engine will last is how well it's maintained too. Most people here on the forum recommend synthetic oil. I don't use it but I will be soon! I mixed a little in some gas I had. So, good luck!
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