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Default Re: Which kit?

Hello there! I personally HAVE ordered kits from luckyearlybird. The first kit I got which was on my first bike build was awesome! But the muffler always fell apart! > It was cheap. BUT I recently ordered a L.E.B kit for my buddy and the seller seems to have packed in higher quality mufflers. My buddys kit was missing the clutch lock screw when it had arrived though. The motors are of pretty good quality I'd say. Order a kit from Rose326a 140.00 with free shippping kits always come exactly with what's pictured. THE down side is every motr you get you will need to pull the clutch cover off and adjust the clutch so it freewheels one motor I got came with the clutch "frozen" the grease had dried I removed the flower nut, clutch plate, spring and then there were 3 pins which the plate sits on.. I jammed the clucth gear with a flathead to prevent it from turning, then I used another flathead and wedged it between two of the pins and then carefully broke it free. it freewheeled, I re greased it, put it all back together. MOST of the time you just have to remove the flower nut because it's screwed on too tight. and fired her up after the build was complete. Other than that her kits have never been missing any pieces and they usually fire right up, you crank in the idle a little bit but she fires. I've never sent a motor back. BUT also, most of her motors have magnetos that DO NOT have white could always buy a different magneto but, I never power lights with my motors so I don't need a white wire. Everyone always asks me about the kits and I always point in them in the direction of rose326a. Others have ordered from Boygofast. There are some other sellers too with good feedback but I haven't oredered from them. Hope this helps! Also I have experienced bikeberry kits(AWESOME!! WELL WORTH IT) and Kingsmotorbikes(blew up after a year, terrible service) HAPPY RIDING! (:
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