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Default Re: Anyone familiar with Denardis Engines?

Originally Posted by young grease monkey View Post
rockshox are good, you want motorcycle triple clamp type forks if you can afford them. what he meant by springer forks is the old style forks that are junk except for looks. the engine you link to is way over priced and under equipped, i would buy an old dirt bike and use the engine because it will have replacement parts and at least a 3 speed transmission. you will only get 60mph out of that engine if you dont mind extreme rpms and short engine life, thats why you need multiple gears. i would suggest an older 4 stroke for authentic chopper sound.
Thanks for the advice

Which dirt bike models should I keep an eye out for?

Also, I read in a motor bicycle dealer ' s website that some mountain bike frames and forks are heavy duty and built like motorcycles to withstand the impact and vibrations from rough terrains

Would using a well built brand name MTB work for these type of things. If it does I think it might be a money saver.

Also would I have to change the front wheel as well? I remember reading here somewhere that the reason why a motorcycle wheel would be needed is to withstand the high torque. I was thinking at first about slapping a 29 inch beach cruiser wheel in front for the chopper look
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