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Default Re: Anyone familiar with Denardis Engines?

Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
To oversimplify, a racing or high performance engine needs to be run hard (higher rpm) to get the best out of it. Sure you can run it slow, but most of the power is made in a narrow(er) powerband. They generally don't make good "street" engines. You may make 9hp, but are you going to use it if the bike needs to be run wide open at 14,000 rpm all the time?

Not trying to discourage you from building your dream bike, but I knew a guy who built his "dream car"- a Trans Am with a fully built 400 cubic inch engine, and he drove it on the street from the place that installed the engine to his house, and realized it was not road worthy....he sold it a few weeks later.
Thanks for the information. It helped me understand your concern.
The reason why I want to build something like this is because where I live everythings far apart and there aren't many small streets or blocks of residential areas. the speed limit is just way to high for me to get around on a 35 mph motorized bicycle. I started to feel the need to go over 45 to 60. People are not very used to seeing motorized bicycles and driver's license is so easy to get that most people on cars don't know how to deal with low speed mopeds that sticks to the right side of the road. Most people try to go full speed on the far right lane when they're not supppsed to and some people try to pass me without going to the next left. lane so that's kind of scary. (even though I have the right of the way as a cyclist).

I guess the best solution for me is to get a car like everyone is telling me but I developed an obsession with two-wheelers.

So if I am riding at 45 to 55 most of the times would you say this isn't a bad idea?
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