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Default Re: Record all your rides for under $50

Originally Posted by BigBlue View Post
Here's the rainy day version or for people that live in the Pacific Northwest:
hahaha, I seen those on Tmarts page too, dandy for scuba diving I would think but just as silly looking riding around with my camera bolted to the top of my helmet unless of course it was raining.

I have no clue how good any of these spy glasses are or if they even record sound. I looked at the Ebay $20+ shipping one, it looks to be same thing but without a memory card or charger, in short useless out of the box but I don't know.

I have bought a lot of high power bike lights from Tmart for about the same price (awesome lights by the way) and been treated well so I can gamble $50 for an easier way to record some of my rides on the high end builds, with the camera right between my eyes it should be pretty nice stable 'rider view' even at 45+ MPH.

I just hope it has sound too, there is a simple eloquence to the sound of a high performance motor running through the gears that makes a video even if you have wind noise.

And of course, the riding commentary ;-}
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