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Default Re: What got you into all this trouble?

I started a similar thread last year, but it may have been under a different username (long story). So I will share my story again. Be warned, its kind of long, but here goes. In the summer of 2009, hortly before my ex-wife and I split up, I was working as a temp at a tobacco factory and found that the people I was getting rides from were not very dependable. Work was more than a few miles away, so I didn't want to pedal (even though I did end up riding a pedal bike a few times while waiting for my kit). So I was searching craigslist for a cheap used moped and came across an ad for bicycle engine kits. At first I thought it was a gimmick or a joke (I had never heard or thought of such a thing, I was 26 and knew nothing of whizzers or the like). But I googled it and found several vendors that sold kits. I had no mechanical experience and knew nothing of this forum, but I decided to put it together by myself. After much trial and error, an accident, and many conversations with my dad and grandpa over the phone for mechanical advice, I finally had a roadworthy bike. After my ex and I split up, I moved back to my hometown area and gave the bike to a friend in lieu of rent money so that I could build another. I had some bad luck with that engine and 2 others, and finally retired my ht bike a few months ago. Now I'm gearing up to build a better bike, with an American made Schwinn cruiser frame and a 98cc engine. This bike is costing about a grand to finish, so right now I'm waiting on income taxes to order most of the parts I need. The rest will come out of my paycheck. So long story short, what started as a need for a cheap form of transportation became a passion that I imagine will be lifelong.
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