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Default Re: Had my little putter for a year now...

Don't worry the problem is very confusing. When my partner tried to explain what he thought was going on, I let him test drive it first you know in case it exploded =P, I didn't understand either. At least not until I got on the bike.

Aside from that, yes the magneto coil does need to be replaced and I'll make sure to use a silicone sealer. This motor came with a little rubber gasket for the wire entry point and the seal that they used for the housing obviously wasn't good enough to keep the moisture out. I need to take some naval jelly to the magneto casing and get that rust off and prevent it from oxidizing further, unless you have a rust remover that you would recommend instead of naval jelly. So the list of things that need replacing grows but the up side is the housing for it all is still in relativly good condition.
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