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Default Re: Had my little putter for a year now...

@wheelbender6: Thanks for the warm wlecome, I acctually got this cheap little motor off ebay. At the time I was ready to buy it was the only motor under $300 so its what I got. Fortunetly the metal shaving swere pretty small, I've got my fingers crossed that I can get her working again. I know the piston is shot and her clutch pads need replacing I'm getting ready to finish inspecting her now. Hopefuly thats all she needs.

@Bikeguy Joe: The only way we could get the motor to work on the Mountian bike was to rig it so that the inital gear stayed on the lowest seting. When you started her up you had to do so in the lowest gear. To engage the motor she needed to be shifted into the highest possible gear or else she would stall. When stopping you had to shift her back to the lowest gear, every time other wise she stalled. I'm curious is there something that we missed in hooking up the gears that coudl have caused undue ware on the piston, or was it just the cheapness of the motor its self?
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