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Default Re: 200w petrol motor

The 89.00$ restriction kit from ZBOX turned up today. Not much in it. Exhaust with a restricted hole in it. Green air cap with 3 holes blocked off. Restriction gasket for inlet and outlet. Smaller fuel jet.

The certificate that came with it says ,

"The components supplied in this kit are the same as used on the Z48 motors to produce the performance stated below, however to ensure your motor conforms it requires testing on an approved government dynometer"

So my advice is to buy the motor that they sell that comes with the dyno certificate because no pig is going to care about this certificate or the kit and it just means your going to be going more slowly to court .... :/

I will report back shortly as to if the motor is still useable with it fitted. I highly doubt it. Which is the point I suppose.
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