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Default What got you into all this trouble?

So what introduced you into the world of motorbicycling?

Here's my story:

I was going shopping with my family, probably almost 2 years ago now, and saw a bicycle with a motor on it and the cutest fuel tank every (just the stock HT fuel tank), and thought it was awesome. The next week we went back for more groceries, and I saw the bike again. I took some pics with my mum's phone.

I thought it was done all DIY non-kit, so when a few weeks later I found out there are kits on the internet for just $130, I quickly started saving up (mowing the lawn almost every week lol)

After almost a year, I had enough money, but the seller had put his price up! I had to save up for a few more weeks to buy from someone else.

Late december 2012, I'm riding my 70cc motorbicycle, and very happy with it.

So it was a motorbicycle parked outside a supermarket that go me into this.

What got you into it?
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