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Default Re: 2nd Build -- Fastest Legal Setup?

I'm pretty sure that even if I did get pulled over, I'd get away with a warning (As long as I don't get pulled over by the same cop twice :P), and I only ride on surburban streets anyway (though soon I might have to commute somewhere to a part time job), but my main concern is actually staying legal.

I've been riding a 70cc unmodified bike everyday around the neighbourhood with no problems, but that thought of getting pulled over still lingers in my mind, and I'd rather be sure than sorry.

Therefore I am building a legal build, and who knows, one day I might undo the 200watt conversion (if that's possible???), and zoom around at 80kph :P

EDIT: I was outposted by Sothaticanridewithtraffic... :P

I might look into the expansion chamber exhaust (is it very loud?), but my main objective with the jackshaft is being able to cruise at top speed, rather than burning out my motor at top speed.

I've considered getting a 36tooth before I found out about the 200 watt limit, but with the 200 watt limit, I think the bike would be too slow off the line.

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