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Default Re: 2nd Build -- Fastest Legal Setup?

I tried a lot of different stuff to get enough high end speed to ride with the traffic. I believe 1 tooth off a sprocket gave me approximately 1 mph top speed and made me lose acceleration. 1mph is about 1.6 kph.

If you can some how get away with your motor's actual power, invest in an expansion chamber that will get you 1/2 extra hp and way more torque. Then your motor will be comparable to a 66cc. Stock 66cc kit with no performance mods with 44 tooth sprocket does about 30 mph which is 48 kph. Since your 50cc with expansion chamber will more or less be the same as a 66cc putting on a 36 sprocket will also get you about 13 kph more without any accelleration loss since 36 tooth are designed to be the "stock" sprocket for a 66cc.

I found that putting on a higher performance motor with performance mods and using direct drive with smaller sprocket to be more cost efficient than putting on a jackshaft. But if there's a lot of different types of terrain at where you live go with jackshaft. I believe if you used 8 speed cassette it'll have the top speed of a 27 tooth sprocket which would be somewhere around 70kph. But if where you ride has whole bunch of stop signs or traffic lights you would be at that speed for like less than a minute and would have to start shifting back to the highest gear after you take off again if you care about the top speed that much
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