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Default Re: 2nd Build -- Fastest Legal Setup?

Hi jji7skyline,

The biggest problem we have here in Australia is people losing their license for drink driving, buying a cheap kit and going flat our everywhere and wondering when pulled over, why the police take such a dim view of motorized bicycles.

When I built my bike I made my own tank to place it on the left hand side of the frame so it is hard to see, a friend runs his tank in a open box mounted on the rear carrier.

The reason for this is I believe the police when looking at you and your bike they will see and maybe looking out for the stock peanut tank because it is very obvious and going flat as well draws attention to yourself.

So many people say to me because I cruise everywhere, using the stock exhaust that they did not realize it was motorized until I got very close to them.

Try to fly under the radar!

What ever kit you buy remember that none of the castings have been washed and there is a lot of swarf/aluminium pieces floating around.

The minimum I have done to my motors is remove the barrel and wash out the crank case area with fuel and two stroke mix when the fuel evaporates it leaves a trace of oil behind to lubricate everything. But be very careful, if you are concerned using fuel use straight kerosine instead it is less volatile!

While the barrel is off check all gasket surfaces none will be flat and level, this includes the inlet manifold and exhaust manifold.

Doing this work first, both of my Grubee motors, GT-2B and GT5 have been very reliable.

Only problems in over two years -

GT-2B - float had a small hole from new.

GT-5 - inlet manifold was badly made and where the carby bolted on was not perfectly round and one of the tabs on the carby broke. I bought a aluminum manifold, the surface is machined where the carby bolts on.

That's it!

There is a lot of good information on this site on cleaning up and changing things on your motor before fitting it to the frame to ensure you have less problems in the future.

I just can't find the page I am looking for, maybe someone else has the link for it.


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