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Default Re: dumbfounded newbie here in KS

Originally Posted by wichita jim View Post
Well thanking everyone for their help and inputs.... Last night I went to my favorite after hours store wally world and they did have a wired type Schwinn computer. Today after it dried out a bit I removed the wireless one (maybe it will work on my wheel barrow lol) and tried the wire version. It seems to work fantastic. Yippee.
Funny how the term Wally World (from the old Chevy Chase Vacation movie) for Wallmart took hold but ya, any high voltage unshielded wire like a spark plug wire will cause radio inference, but one thing is for sure, put a nice fat braided copper spark plug wire on and though it will screw with anything electronic around you, you will feel the difference between some carbon fiber conductor and real copper in performance in the most important wire of all ;-}
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