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Default Re: 2nd Build -- Fastest Legal Setup?

Originally Posted by VIKTR View Post
I say you get a 212cc predator and just outrun the fuzz if pestered
lol jk
Hehehe, good one Viktr ;-}
I'm trying to get the fastest setup while staying under the (stupid Aussie) 50cc, 200watt limit.
Standard 48/50cc HT kit. -- $140
Jackshaft (to take advantage of low-end torque) -- $160
DIY 200watt limiting kit -- $89

With this setup, I think I'll be building the fastest legal motorbicycle in Australia, while staying under my $400 budget.
$400 US dollar total cost not counting the bicycle? Or some other currency worth like twice an American dollar?

And what the heck does electrical Watts have to do with gas motor displacement size?
Sorry, I am not the least bit familiar with the 'Down Unders' laws and regulations, all I can say is don't buy a thing until you save up another couple hundred bucks and share what you plan to mount this power plant on if you want real advice.
Fastest legal Motor Assisted Bicycle in all of Australia
OK, in a country larger than USA you want to make the fastest thing there is on a $400 budget?
Think aerodynamics and weight to power ratio.

Once you are over that dream I'd say a 48cc Skyhawk with SBP expansion chamber exhaust on a low profile if not semi-recumbent 2-wheeler with a 3 to 5 speed internal shifter.
That will give you about 50% overdrive in high gear and down to about 50% under-drive with the other lower gears to get you from dead stop to your speed goal.
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