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Default Re: RAW engines - 80cc? Designed in America?

Originally Posted by BrettMavriK View Post
You make an excellent point, Joe, and that is why this is all so popular.
These motorized bikes have a mystique all their own. They are the frugal, non-mainstream alternative and a comparatively inexpensive mode of motor transportation. They "buck the system" so to speak, by legislation and regulation. To me, they are cooler than a motorcycle. To own one, build one, tweak one, and ride one is a rewarding journey of a quite nifty hobby...

But for some, the journey is pushing the limits of performance, creativity, and style. To be unique and stand out from the norm of "sticking with stock". Mine is that such journey. I'm building custom framed stretched choppers with 5 speeds, full suspensions, disc brakes, l.e.d. Headlights turn signals, brake & tail lights all powered from the engine, etc., and I plan to sell them to anyone who would want one. What comes from my mind and hands has got to be "bar none". I want the baddest and the trickest, sickest bike made, and I will continue to get even sicker, tricker, and badder.
Will I sell them like Chinese Hot Cakes like everyone on ebay slapping a motor on a Cranbrook Cruiser with stock muffler, carb, and one speed???

Nope......But my "hot cake" will be one of the best ones you've ever tasted.

If I wanted that I would just start from scratch, and build a motorcycle. I just want to spend a few hundred bucks, machine alot of parts and end up with a MB.