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Default 2nd Build -- Fastest Legal Setup?

I'm going be building my second bike, possibly over the Easter school holidays, or even before then if I can't wait :P

I'm trying to get the fastest setup while staying under the (stupid Aussie) 50cc, 200watt limit.

Note that the law does not limit torque, only power.

Therefore I will be getting:

Standard 48/50cc HT kit. -- $140
Jackshaft (to take advantage of low-end torque) -- $160
DIY 200watt limiting kit -- $89

It's hideous how the prebuilt 200w engine kits are all $350+ :/

With this setup, I think I'll be building the fastest legal motorbicycle in Australia, while staying under my $400 budget.

What do you think? I can always save up a few extra dollars, but then my build will get delayed, which is why I'm staying under $400.

Do you think it would be worth getting a skyhawk or rocksolidengines 50cc? That would add $100 to my total cost, and eBay kits seem pretty good anyway.

What do you think my top speed would be?

Due to the 200watt limiter, I would probably lose all my torque at around 3500rpm. That would mean a 25km/h limit with a 44T, but with a jackshaft, I hope to get at least 50kph
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