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Originally Posted by Crazy Horse View Post
Are you new to motorized bicycling and finally want to start your own Custom Motorized Bicycle build. You can start Chopping and fabricating a custom build and that's why I started this thread, so you too can cut up and recycle an old bicycle frame or start with new steel tubing for your custom build.

I'll post pictures of my favorite tools that I bought at HFT Co. and my favorite tools start with a cheap $9.99 4-1/2 inch Grinder and the $99.00 dollar 90-Amp Mig welder. These two favorites of mine above are what got me started, building and fabricating my own builds.

Thanks to: Forum members, RedB66 & Graucho, & Brad & Kat @ atomic zombie, and all the members here at who have contributed, inspired and encouraged my hobby of motorized bicycles, for getting me hooked again on fabricating and building custom bicycles. C.H.

I hope everyone will share about the inexpensive tools that have performed at above what was expected, please share your positive experiences and tips to make them even better.

The first tools that you will need to get you started are listed below

Power Tools. Grinder 4-1/2" only $9.99 HFT Co. 90-Amp Flux-Core Welder around $99.00 when on sale @ HFT Co.

I'd also suggest a book that will help you get started it's from our friends over @ Atomic Zombie, this ( Bicycle Builders Bonanza ) this book will show you how easy it is getting started.

To be continued....

My first post explains that this thread is all about showing new bicycle builders how to start building a custom made bicycle.

All you need to start is a bicycle or bicycle frame, or some steel, and just with 2 tools to start with a 4-1/2" Angle grinder, and an inexpensive Harbor Freight 90-Amp Mig welder. With a little Patience and practice you can start building your own custom bicycles.

I've shared information in this thread about some of the inexpensive tools that I've purchased and used for my custom bicycle builds to help you get started.

This is what makes so great members are willing to share their knowledge and experience about the motorized bicycling community.
Peace Crazy Horse.
P.S. Builders check this thread for in depth info for Horizontal 4-stroke Honda crf50 Pitbike / Dirtbike / Atv engines:

These engines work best used for motorizing the Stretch Cruisers & Chopper builds.
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