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Default Anyone familiar with Denardis Engines?

I've been saving up for a motorcycle and I have about $4k saved up.

I think that will get me like a used 250 sportsbike, but I always wanted a chopper(which would cost me at least $10k), so I decided to spend it on building a chopper motorized bicycle with a OCC Stingray.

I guess my main question would be,

1. Has anyone used one of these? Because chinese motors exaggerate their specs so I'm wondering if these motors perform as they are advertised?

2. Are stingray bikes big enough to fit a 125cc?

3. All I've ever done was build with kits made for bicycles. Will the wirings be the same? For example can I peel the wires off the throttle and the killswitch that I already have and connect it to this engine?

4. I read that bicycle's rear wheel can't handle the torque of a 125cc motor. Can anyone recommend me a motorcycle wheel that will fit a bicycle but still thick enough (about 4 inches give or take) to look like a chopper wheel?

Thanks in advance

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