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Default Re: 200w petrol motor

I have heard you can build a simple circuit to put across the kill switch to cut them out over a certain rpm?

This would be really nice as this is something you could easily switch in and out. I am pretty good with electronics so I would have no trouble building something like that. I can probably figure out some mechanism of my own.

Maybe something like a hall effect on the HT lead that just counts clicks.

Also I had another neat idea. What about a clear manifold or one with a clear window in it so the cops could see the restriction inside it?

I could actually have a go at 3D printing something like that really easily.

Even a cop can understand a tiny hole means less power right?

Which brings me to my next question. Let us assume that even though I have compliance with the law and paper work and that I am not trying to fiddle or screw over the intent of the law I need to suppose that it doesn't matter and they don't care?

This is kind of what I am expecting based on what I have been reading everywhere else about how it no longer matters if you have paper work or not and about how the cops have a pull everyone on a powered bike policy just to be c****.

They issue an infringement and then you cannot keep riding right? 500km from anywhere that does not sound like a nice option with a +60kg cart on the back ... having to take the kit off .. and just pedal .. etc etc ...

Even worse they just take the whole lot and leave you to walk the rest of the way.

Maybe I will just re-think my adventure and not have one. That is the intent of most Australian law and the cops anyway. No wonder nobody has any respect for themselves the law or anything else ...
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