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Angry Re: 200w petrol motor

I know this is an old thread and I am sure this has been covered elsewhere but these threads never seem to get to what happens after the cops pull you over assuming your motor actually complies ..

1. Have a ZBOX motor 48cc

2. Purchased restriction kit for it that comes with certificate saying motor is now limited to 200W.

3. Have this in a motorized bicycle frame with gears and pedals all working correct lights etc

4. Mostly ride it with the motor just helping me pedal anyway so wont mind if the power is limited. Turn it off around people etc.

I am going to be taking this bike on a long distance tour from Melbourne to Adelaide and I really want to avoid hassles from the cops along the way. I will be pulling a cart with lights on it and a big orange flag on the back and not speeding anywhere and obviously touring.

So how likely is it that the cops will hassle me for doing this and when they do and I show my compliance with the law what happens next? Once I am out of Melbourne am I less likely to get hassled or more likely to get hassled by the fuzz?

Has anyone had a bike that complies been given an infringement and then had to go to court and get a dyno test and so on?

I am assuming that even though my bike is legal and within the spirit of the law I will get pulled over and I want to know what to do afterwards!!!
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