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Default Re: RAW engines - 80cc? Designed in America?

---What if you could buy a complete engine kit (tank, throttle, etc.) that looks like it was completely machined from Billet Aluminum (except for the block...but all covers, head, etc.), it came with an improved Mikuni Carburetor , perfectly tuned expansion muffler, and a billet clutch actuator upgrade. The kit engine would have the ability of 10,000 + r.p.m. and more than Twice the Horsepower because of a Billet Crank, Counterweights, Piston Head, and Head Casing along with High Speed Precision Bearings. The motor would out live any other HT motor on the market by a long shot.

Would that be worth $450........?

People pay Chris Hill $350 and all he does is change the bearings and do some mild porting so I am told.....

These High Revolution Engines are indeed on their way......


Originally Posted by misteright1_99 View Post
I agree, for a few hundred dollars more you could buy a Italian Morini engine, on the other hand, I have MB's and motorcycles, and enjoy the motorized bicycle MUCH more........

But I am getting off topic, sorry......
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