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Default Re: Where to find lead sheets cheap

Originally Posted by HT2005 View Post
I just found out that Do-It-Best Hardware has PC-7. I looked it up on their website; It appears to be exactly what I'm looking for. Maybe I can get some from the store 3 miles away. Just by coincidence my brother has a friend who works there. My brother rode my bike and he wants to put lead on his now. He reassembled his engine yesterday. If he is getting back into the whole motobicycling rapair mood, I can convince him to buy lead for his bike and get some PC-7 for both of ours. My rant before might have gone a little overboard, but now I realize how things have been slowly improving.
Sounds like your doin' great HT. Can get frustrating. When I can't find/get a tool or a part when I want it, I go nutz!
worst apocalypse ever

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