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Default Re: RAW engines - 80cc? Designed in America?

Hey there,

I have to agree on the "engine improvement" aspect.
That is in the works and I can't wait.......
Jim at Creative Engineering is in the process of building new internals for these motors. Jim, didn't you say a balanced billet crank shaft and counterweights, maybe a billet piston head and billet head casing? Then high speed roller bearings and such. He says the motors will rev past 10,000 rpm's and make more than twice the horsepower. Now, I'm not really a speed junkie, but with the gear calculations (not counting wind resistance and drag), that's gonna' mean a 65-75mph bike with proper gearing. I have no plans to go that fast, BUT with the gearing reworked, that's gonna' mean superfast 0-50 mph times, wheelies and burnouts. I'm all for that....not to mention increased reliability.

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