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Default New Guy-1st Build-Im thinkin 4Stroke??

Hey Guys,
first off let me say what a cool forum this is. I have been on lots of other forums for other hobbies and this one is hands down one of the most informative and friendly I have found.

OK so heres my story:
Im a bike guy. Love my road bikes & Mtn bikes but mostly my old collectables( Stingrays and Cruisers). I always have a garage full of bikes in various states of restoration.I have had over 100 bikes over the years. I ride them all- no shelf queens that never get ridden.
Im NOT a Motor Guy- never have been, but im not afraid to give it a try.
I live in Huntington Beach Calif. and my daily commute to work is 10miles all along Pacific Coast Highway- virtually flat the whole way.
Im 225lbs if I skip lunch haha.
For my 1st Project I want something reliable and sturdy to ride to work a few days a week.
If I get the "bug" I can for sure see myself building a board track racer or a cool Cruiser, but that's project #2.

For this first attempt- Im thinking of a 4stroke kit and mounting it to an old KHS Mtn Bike I have. theres plenty of room Height wise, but im not sure about pedal clearance.
From what I have been reading here- the 4stroke kits seem to more reliable out of the box and run at full speed for a longer period of time.
So thats my story. Advice is always appreciated, especially if im way off base in my thinking.
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