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Default Re: Welcome to the Dark Side!!

Thanks, Chainmaker, Happy and 2-Door. The Ped is now a bare frame, two boxes of parts, and a motor!! Today I rebuilt the wheels, cleaned them up, cleaned and repacked the bearings and lubed the brake pivots. I also cleaned up the frame and swingarm. I'm thinking I'll keep the frame the way it is instead of re-painting. It has a few dings, but overall the paint is nice. My next step is to pick out tires to come up with a rolling chassis. I was going to install Michilin Gazelles, but some folks think they are too heavy and cost MPH. Next I'll clean the gas tank with bbs and marbles to clear out rust. Then I'll tackle the motor. The cool thing about the way these things are made, the transmission gears and bearings float in gear lube. The second cool thing is there are several upgrade kits for the top end. I'm getting psyched just writing about it. Time to move to the garage, Later.
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