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Default Re: Which is more fun, m-bike or motorcycle?

Originally Posted by Mr. Minecraft View Post
This is like comparing apples to oranges. Motorized bikes are a novelty/hobby/local transportation. Motorcycles are powerful, fast, and worst of all... more common But really a motorcycle is more in the category of cars because they are used for longer distance transportation.
Apples and oranges yes, two distinct categories and I agree that distinction is well to acknowledge.

For me the definitions are a motorized bicycle is 50cc and under, lightweight not much more than 50 lbs, nimble, and should retain the most of efficient functionality of the original bicycle. This keeps them fun and would keep them legal in a majority of jurisdictions and pretty much under the radar of legal scrutiny.

MCs are a step up to a legitimate motor vehicle class, those added responsibilities come with the added benefits/options of covering longer distances with ease, dependable commuting, the ability to carry a passenger and/or more gear.

I have both and both have their place but one will not replace the other.
As far as elegance, I do not ever think the of '81 BMW R65 I have as anything other than sublimely elegant.

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