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Are you new to motorized bicycling and finally want to start your own Custom Motorized Bicycle build. You can start Chopping and fabricating a custom build and that's why I started this thread, so you too can cut up and recycle an old bicycle frame or start with new steel tubing for your custom build.

I'll post pictures of my favorite tools that I bought at HFT Co. and my favorite tools start with a cheap $9.99 4-1/2 inch Grinder and the $99.00 dollar 90-Amp Mig welder. These two favorites of mine above are what got me started, building and fabricating my own builds.

Thanks to: Forum members, RedB66 & Graucho, & Brad & Kat @ atomic zombie, and all the members here at who have contributed, inspired and encouraged my hobby of motorized bicycles, for getting me hooked again on fabricating and building custom bicycles. C.H.

So you want to build a custom motorized bicycle, I can show you how with just a few tools you can get started. Some of you don't have tools. If you have friends or family that have tools borrow them for free. If you have a ($200)) couple of hundred bucks you can get some very inexpensive tools from HFT Co.

Where to find bicycles frames parts etc for free or very inexpensively:

Some other great custom build bicycle parts sources are: landfill sites, yard sales, auctions, flea markets, thrift stores, craigslist and classifieds, and of course family, friends, colleagues, etc. If you plan on taking up this hobby, put the word out to family, friends and coworkers that you will refuse no used bikes! You'll be surprised how many bikes and parts you will accumulate quickly. Old bikes, exercise equipment, so build up your spare parts pile and start your custom builds.

What do you need to start building your Custom Bicycle Garage or Shop?
Only basic tools: welder and accessories, welding helmet, screwdrivers, wrenches, level, measuring tape, hacksaw, clamps, angle grinder, gloves, safety glasses, face shield, ear plugs and hammer. You don't need to have expensive tools and equipment to build custom bikes

The first tools that you will need to get you started are listed below

1. Safety Equipment. Glasses, Gloves, Hearing Protection, Welding Helmet, Fire Extinguisher. Items above can be purchased for around $100 or less especially from HFT Co.

2. Power Tools. Grinder 4-1/2" only $9.99 HFT Co. 90-Amp Flux-Core Welder around $99.00 when on sale @ HFT Co.

I'd also suggest a book that will help you get started it's from our friends over @ Atomic Zombie, this book will show you how easy it is getting started.

Here are the Books:

Here's my custom motorized bicycle building thread for building your shop and tools and reviews of said tools bought on a very low budget from Harbor Freight Tool Co.

If you can afford Expensive Tools don't bother reading this thread, just start your own thread for that.

If you are a beginner motorized bicycle builder or experienced motorized bicycle builder, you can find some great tools inexpensively at Harbor Freight Tools.

I'd like to share here in this thread all about cheap / inexpensive tools for your custom builds from Harbor Freight:

1. Tool Tips and Tool Reviews

2. Buyer Beware Buyers Guide

3. Wish List and Gift Guide for those contemplating a Tool Gift for someone from Harbor Freight

4. Harbor Freight Tool Sales and Coupons

I started purchasing tools from Harbor Freight for Custom Bicycle Builds, mainly because I didn't see the need to go into debt purchasing tools that would never pay for themselves.

When or if I purchase an item over $100 I always ask myself do I need the extended warranty for 2 years, if this tool is used frequently then yes I get the warranty. So before the 2-year's is up and tool is not functioning like it's supposed to I return it and get a new tool.

The tools and equipment that I purchase for custom motorized bicycle building are:

Garage & Shop,
Welding Shop Welders & Welding Equipment

Power Tools,
everything from cordless tool kits, drills, saws, grinders and more.

Air Tools Pneumatic,
Air compressors, impact wrenches and air grinders, to pneumatic hoses and air tool fittings.

Hand Tools,
Sockets & Ratchets, Tool Storage, Clamps, Wrenches, Hammers, Screwdrivers, Organizers,Bins & Containers, Pry Bars, Saws, Hex Head Wrenches, Files, Chisels & Carving, Punches, Snips, Tap & Die, Nutdriver's, Bolt Cutters, Squares, Hand Riveters, Rolling Cabinets, Tool Carts, Protractors, Top Cabinets.

Engines & Generators,
Predator Engines for motorizing bicycles, Generators for backup power.

I hope everyone will share about the inexpensive tools that have performed at above what was expected, please share your positive experiences and tips to make them even better.

To be continued....

Peace Crazy Horse
P.S. Builders check this thread for in depth info for Horizontal 4-stroke Honda crf50 Pitbike / Dirtbike / Atv engines:

These engines work best used for motorizing the Stretch Cruisers & Chopper builds.

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