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Default Re: Need help selecting a kit. First time build.

My advice is dont make it harder than it needs to be. I'm fairly new and not so long ago was in the position you were in. I spent to much time trying to do jobs half a**ed and I ended up dumping to much money into my bike (being 17 with no income it was difficult to keep throwing money at it). If you get the right tools and do the right things it will NOT become a whole of which you throw money into. If it's a coaster brake I would go straight for a sprocket adapter! That was key for me!! Learn what you need to do to bend the arm for the adapter and all that jazz. But that is what the forum is for, let us share our knowledge and failures to help you gain knowledge without going through the failures. Just like what Kerry said. Welcome, it's a pleasure to have you here best of luck with your build/buy!

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