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Default Re: I think I need help. Bike Running too rich?

Originally Posted by Venice Motor Bikes View Post
I always tell customers to ran about three gallons of gas through their new engine before worrying about trying fine tune the carb, because the engine will keep running better & better the more it breaks in! (& it might not even need any carb changes after it's done breaking in).
I contacted a local motorized bike shop here in town and they said that it would be bad for the motor if it got used too running rich. Would going through 3 gallons of gas with the motor being rich hurt the motor?

Also the bike is really really hard to start. I usually need several attempts going down hill at high speed to get her started(with choke). Is this typical of a new motor as well? If not, how do I fix this? Could the CDI be going bad? I say this because I tried to start her once but the boot on the spark plug came off with out me noticing. I read somewhere that this could cause the CDI to go bad.
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