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Default Re: I think I need help. Bike Running too rich?

Originally Posted by Kioshk View Post
Yep, that "outboard" 2-stroke caught my eye as well. Who told you it was the best for these engines?
One of the guys at a local lawn mower repair shop in town. He said he specialized in small motors so I believed him. My bike is currently using the universal oil now.

Originally Posted by Kioshk View Post

Is this an NT crarb? What size is your jet?
Yes it is an NT carb. I have no idea what the jet size. How can I find out? It's whatever came with the carb.

Originally Posted by Kioshk View Post
Trust me, you'll KNOW if you're 4-stroking, even if you've never felt it 2-stroking. 4-stroking is rhythmically jerky while 2-stroking is smooth. It reminds me of when I was being examined my doctor. He had his hand pushing up between my balls, and told me to " you're giving birth". I did it right apparently.
I think I am 4 stroking then because it is the opposite of smooth sounding atm. I'll do the plug chop first though to make sure that it is really rich. Problem is I need to find 0.5 miles of road that won't force me to stop and idle the bike. I'll post pictures when I accomplish this.

Also do I need to put in a brand new plug for the plug chop?
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